For International Students/Post-Doc


Thank you for your interest in our laboratory. Ohtsuki Lab welcomes applications from talented students to pursue graduate studies at Keio University, within our laboratory in a field related to our research interests, namely communication theory, signal processing, information theory, and their various applications to new generation wireless/wired communications. These include, but are not limited to, the following topics: cellular networks, MIMO/OFDM, iterative codes (LDPC, turbo), sensor/ad hoc networks, optical communications, cognitive radio, UWB, etc.

Students interested in joining our laboratory are encouraged to contact Prof. Ohtsuki and provide the following (in English or Japanese):

  • A letter of application: please specify the intended research/study program (for students targeting the MSc course, kindly specify whether or not you intend to to pursue a Doctorate (PhD) degreee as well within our laboratory) and any preferred research topics;
  • A detailed Resume (CV): in particular, please specify any programming experience (such as projects or internships), any experience with wireless/digital implementations (DSP, FPGA, etc.) and any lectures, related to our research interests, you may have had in the past;
  • Optional: one or several letters of recommendation may be a plus (but not required).

Studying at Keio

At Keio, we give high importance to the international dimension and cultural diversity.

To this end, Keio offers international students the opportunity to pursue their graduate studies (Master or PhD) fully in English (International Graduate Program, IGP) and start their studies either in April or in September (In many Japanese universities, it is custom that the academic year starts in April, and studies be exclusively pursued in Japanese).

Keio also has a large, worldwide network of top-notch partner universities (click herefor a partial list), thereby giving students the opportunity to enjoy short term stays or internships overseas as part of their curricula at Keio.

Finally, talented students may be given the opportunity to join Keio’s Global Center of Excellence Program as Research Assistants, while pursuing their doctorate (PhD) studies. Benefits may include a monthy stipend, a research grant, full coverage of expenses to attend international conferences or overseas business trips to present research results in joint workshops with partner universites, etc.

Please visit the following pages for further details:

For Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship Applicants (Embassy Nomination)

Students interested in our laboratory with the intention to apply for the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho, MEXT) Scholarship (category: Research Students) through the Japanese embassies/consulates in their respective countries, may request a letter of (conditional) acceptance from Prof. Ohtsuki to support their application.

Post-Doc / Prospective Visiting Researchers

Ohtsuki Lab also welcomes researchers in related fields, who would be interested in conducting research within our laboratory as Visiting Researchers or Post-doctoral Fellows.

Some funding might be available for PhD students who are in their final years of study and who are interetsed in joining our laboratory as Post-doctoral fellows. Please contact us for further details. Owing to delays related to administrative procedures, please contact us as early as possible (preferably 1 year or more before PhD graduation).