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1. 大槻教授,"Semi-supervised Machine Learning Aided Anomaly Detection Method in Cellular Networks"がIEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technologyに論文採録決定 (2020.05.21)

2. 大槻教授,"Transfer learning for Semi-supervised Automatic Modulation Classification in ZF-MIMO Systems"がIEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systemsに論文採録決定 (2020.04.30)

3. 橘,"Learning and Analysis of Damping Factor in Massive MIMO Detection using BP Algorithm with Node Selection"がIEEE Accessに論文採録決定 (2020.04.23)

4. M. Bouazizi,L. Wang,X. Lin, IEEE EMBC に論文採録決定 (2020.04.10)

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Conference Schedule

2020/07/20-24 IEEE EMBC (Montreal, Canada)

M. Bouazizi, L. Wang, X. Lin

2020/06/07-11 IEEE ICC (Dublin, Ireland)

C. Ye,Y.Cao,山田晃

2020/05/25-28 IEEE VTC-spring (Antwerp, Belgium)

Yuva Kumar S.,和田,橘

2020/05/21-22 RCS研究会 (慶應義塾大学,神奈川県)

2020/03/17-20 IEICE総合大会 2020年 (広島大学,広島県)

A. Li

2020/03/04-06 RCS研究会 (東京工業大学,東京都)

栗山,越後,Y. Cao,中村,廣松,高畠,A. Li, Y. Deng,山田晃,和田

2020/02/20-21 BCT研究会 (かんぽの宿奈良,奈良県)


2020/01/23-24 RCS研究会 (広島市青少年センター,広島県)


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Communications Biomedical Engineering

Data Mining for SNS Machine Learning

Information Theory Activity Recognition


Professor Tomoaki OHTSUKI

received the B.E., M.E., and Ph. D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Keio University, Yokohama, Japan in 1990, 1992, and 1994, respectively. From 1994 to 1995 he was a Post Doctoral Fellow and a Visiting Researcher in Electrical Engineering at Keio University. From 1993 to 1995 he was a Special Researcher of Fellowships of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science for Japanese Junior Scientists. From 1995 to 2005 he was with Science University of Tokyo. In 2005 he joined Keio University. He is now a Professor at Keio University. From 1998 to 1999 he was with the department of electrical engineering and computer sciences, University of California, Berkeley. He is engaged in research on wireless communications, optical communications, signal processing, and information theory. Dr. Ohtsuki is a recipient of the 1997 Inoue Research Award for Young Scientist, the 1997 Hiroshi Ando Memorial Young Engineering Award, Ericsson Young Scientist Award 2000, 2002 Funai Information and Science Award for Young Scientist, IEEE the 1st Asia-Pacific Young Researcher Award 2001, the 5th International Communication Foundation (ICF) Research Award, 2011 IEEE SPCE Outstanding Service Award, the 27th TELECOM System Technology Award, ETRI Journal’s 2012 Best Reviewer Award, and 9th International Conference on Communications and Networking in China 2014 (CHINACOM ’14) Best Paper Award. He has published more than 189 journal papers and 400 international conference papers. He served a Chair of IEEE Communications Society, Signal Processing for Communications and Electronics Technical Committee. He served a technical editor of the IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine and an editor of Elsevier Physical Communications. He is now serving an Area Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology and an editor of the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. He has served general-co chair and symposium co-chair of many conferences, including IEEE GLOBECOM 2008, SPC, IEEE ICC 2011, CTS, IEEE GCOM 2012, SPC, and IEEE SPAWC. He gave tutorials and keynote speech at many international conferences including IEEE VTC, IEEE PIMRC, and so on. He was a Vice President of Communications Society of the IEICE and is the President-Elect of Communications Society of the IEICE. He is a senior member of the IEEE and a fellow of the IEICE.



  1. 大槻教授,IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technologyに論文採録決定 (2020.05.21)
  2. 大槻教授,IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systemsに論文採録決定 (2020.04.30)
  3. 橘,IEEE Accessに論文採録決定 (2020.04.23)
  4. M. Bouazizi,L. Wang,X. Lin, IEEE EMBC に論文採録決定 (2020.04.10)
  5. 廣瀨,BCT研究会にて優秀発表賞を受賞 (2020.02.21)
  6. 大槻教授が,日本工学アカデミーの正会員に選ばれました. (2020.02.09)
  7. C. Ye,Y. Cao,山田晃, IEEE ICC2020 に論文採録決定 (2019.01.29)
  8. 中村,RCS研究会にて初年度発表者コンペティション優秀発表賞を受賞(2019.01.28)
  9. Yuva Kumar S.,和田,橘,IEEE VTC2020-spring に論文採録決定 (2019.01.24)
  10. 大槻教授,電子情報通信学会誌11月号の巻末言に"お礼"を掲載 (2019.12.18)
  11. 大槻教授,10/18(金)開催の慶應義塾大学ビジネス創発交流会~ トータルヘルスケア:見守りから心の病の理解まで ~にて「スマートヘルスケア」について講演 (2019.10.07)
  12. 10/12(土)に2019年度笹瀬・山中・大槻研究室合同同窓会が開催されます (2019.10.01)
  13. 栗山,IEEE VTS Tokyo Chapter 2019 Young Researcher’s Encouragement Award 受賞 (2019.09.20)
  14. 慶應テクノモール2019への参加決定 (2019.08.30)
  15. 今年も研究室の合宿に行ってきました (2019.08.20)
  16. Y. Cao, 山本, 高畠,IEEE Globecom 2019 に論文採録決定(2019.07.19)
  17. 第22回塾長杯慶應義塾水上運動会に参加しました (2019.06.30)
  18. Deng, 廣瀬, 山田,電子情報通信学会無線通信システム研究会 初めての研究会 優秀発表賞受賞(2019.06.24)
  19. 栗山,IEEE VTC2019-Fall に論文採録決定(2019.06.19)

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