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OHTSUKI Laboratory at KEIO University is a research group within the Department of Information and Computer Science. We do research on communication theory, signal processing, information theory, and their various applications to new generation wireless/wired communications. We try to contribute enthusiastically to their fundamental research and education bits towards realizing the dream of communicating with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and anything.

OHTSUKI Laboratory started in 2000 at the Tokyo University of Science. In 2005 Prof. Ohtsuki moved to KEIO University that is his alma mater. Now we consist of twenty members, Professor Tomoaki Ohtsuki, three undergraduate students, and 17 graduate (MSc) students. Our past members, though we are too new to have many, hold positions in the electric and communications industries. We hope we can provide good people to industries, academic fields, and government who contribute a lot and open up new world.